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The Language of the Rain

Source: The Language of the Rain

It comes and goes in waves…

Depression has hit me harder than ever lately. I’m not sure if it’s karma.. Or if I’m simply worrying too much. Whatever it is, I’m so scared. I feel like I am constantly drowning and no one can hear me. These panic attacks are getting so difficult to control. I’m struggling to breathe and can’t keep myself grounded. I’m afraid I’m going to lose it before I even begin… Oh, what have I done?

One More Time

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So good 🙂

All Hope is Good

Source: All Hope is Good

The Well of Never-Never

I love his poetry

NASA Sciences the Sh*t Out of Mars, Finds Water

Source: NASA Sciences the Sh*t Out of Mars, Finds Water


Here I can breathe again
I left it all behind to watch the days go by

Now I can breathe again
I choose to never let go
So take your time, concentrate
Know the clock is ticking – don’t be late

Stand your ground, do your worst
Fragile frame, minor world
Take your time, prove your worth
Don’t look behind, you’ll make it worse

Why won’t you forgive me?
I was so alone, soaking to the bone
How could you forgive me?
Was I pitiful, unforgivable?

Unholiest, irreverent, immoral son
Ungodly one

this entire album makes me think of you.

take me back to the start… <3