Perception is Everything.


Lately, I have been thinking a lot about good and evil.. Reality. Perception. All those sorts of things. Things that many people ignore and don’t take time to research and understand.

To me, good is only an illusion created by those people in power to justify their power grabs. For example, why do you think America thinks Palestine is the enemy when the Israelis are the ones who stole their land and started all of the Middle East bullshit. Good is only an abstract interpretation of reality that’s been petered to suit the needs of the person explaining it. Think about it. I have heard people say things like, “Oh, he is such a good, caring person.” What is “good”? What does a person consider “good”? You know.. If you google good and evil.. This is what will typically show up:

Good is a broad concept but it typically deals with an association with life, charity, continuity, happiness. love and justice.

Evil is typically associated with conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological needs and dignity, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary and/or indiscriminate violence.

And all of that may be true.. But, to me there is so much more to good and evil. I feel that everyone has it in them to be evil. Everyone has skeletons in their closets and things that they keep discreet. For instance, a person who is in a relationship. They might care about their significant other very much so. I think everyone still has it in them to cheat or lie. It just takes the right moment, person, or situation to make it actually happen. But, each and every one of us have it in us to do so. It’s just human nature. Plain and simple. It’s inevitable. As brash as that may sound. It is what it is. Identifying good and evil can be very tricky.. Just when you think you have identified it, it changes its form. It honestly takes a lifetime of studying. You have to be aware.. But, to me good is merely an interpretation. People may have good qualities… But, in a sense good is just a label. Like, most things are.. Labels. Words. Nothing more.. Nothing less.

“As a philosophical abstraction, goodness represents a hope that natural love be continuous, expansive, and all-inclusive.” So, with that being said.. Everything is sort of an abstraction. You can even make the argument that reality doesn’t exist. It’s nothing but a perception of what is going on around you. Life itself is nothing but a perception. Reality is only a matter of perception. “Perception in the broadest sense is a matter of interaction between the world and the self. At its simplest, the world gives us events; we in turn give those events meaning by interpreting and acting upon them.” Here recently, I have became more intrigued with the idea of perception. It is so fascinating. Perception is not something done with the eyes or the ears or any specific sense organ. It is a multi-sensory, full bodied thing. That is so interesting to me. We all perceive things differently. Which is amazing. And so simple and complex at the same time. Perception is what causes disagreements, it’s what causes relationships and it is what develops judgement. But what many people don’t understand is that there is really no such thing as right or wrong. Or good and evil. There is only perception. Life essentially would be boring and pointless if we all thought the same way. All that matters in life is getting what you truly desire. Whether that be power or piece of mind. But, the main point is that everything that we do is revolved around perception. Perception is everything. Nothing would be possible without perception.

So, you may wonder what my point was to all of this.. To be honest, I don’t even know. These were just some things that have been on my mind very much so here recently. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t misconstrue things.. Create your own perception. Everything is an abstraction. So, build something magnificent. No one and nothing bounds you..


About mollyellarae12

What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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