Not Everything is Meant to Last Forever

It’s crazy how things have completely changed in the past course of these few weeks. Sometimes, people just turn out to be something other than what you thought they were. I was blinded. Truth is out now. Nothing will ever be the same again. I could say a lot of hateful things. I could bash you all the way down. But, what’s the point? What do I have to gain from it anymore? Two years. Seemed like such a long time, then. I’ll be okay. And no, I’ll never quite understand why it had to end that way. I don’t know what you were thinking. Were you thinking at all? Such selfishness. The great amount of it you have shown. It’s a shame. But, I’m not the one to blame. Two years. It’s incredibly hard to adjust to. We had a routine and I really will miss the simplicity.. of it all. Some people come and go. I’m moving on. I don’t think anything really lasts. Let’s not live in the past. What good is it anymore? Some days, I don’t want to believe it’s all true. I get to feeling down and start missing you. Then, I remind myself why we are no longer together. Not everything is meant to last forever.


About mollyellarae12

What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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