4/19/11. A bunch of songs collided.

I once got on a train and went further than the milky way. The Beatles said that they believe in yesterday. But, I believe in today. & I believe in tomorrow. I’ll say what I need to say. Isn’t that right John? Time does keep slipping into the future. That’s for sure Steve Miller. I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling. I know you’ll never let me down, The Eagles. The Cars, you’re just what I needed. Please, don’t touch me The Doors. Can’t you see that I am afraid? I can’t fix you because I’m too cold to play. Mmm. Oh my. Mary Jane just had her last dance. Benny and I went to Hotel California and saw some jets. I’m like a virgin so papa, don’t preach. Have some heart, he’s a magic man and will go crazy on you. Kings of Leon’s right, we could always use somebody. Hey you, out there on your own.. Just remember it’s just another brick in the wall. I’m a fool for the city, taking a slow ride and taking is easy. Why do I always feel like a refugee, Tom Petty? I could use one more cup of coffee for the road, Bob Dylan. Dani, I’m going to California to get some red hot chili peppers. Turn the page and keep on rolling on with the night moves down on mainstreet.. Lynyrd once told me that Curtis Lowe was a simple man but he’s more of a free bird. This life.. Yeah, it’s a bittersweet symphony. After listening to Fleetwood Mac, I had dreams of going my own way. I gotta whole lot of love and I’m climbing my way up to the stairway to heaven. Aerosmith,  I know you don’t want to miss a thing but stop cryin’ and dream on. Lucy and I wanted to go to the sky to get some diamonds. But, instead we just wrote a letter to Prudence saying that there’s a guy who wanted to hold her hand and to come together. Come as you are. Who’s that girl on the moon that’s cold as ice, Foreginer? They say the cure is a love song. I’m on a journey and the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. Billy’s my idol and I think it’s a nice day for a white wedding. Imagine, you’re in a yellow submarine. I’m just a small town girl, lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’. I’m going to hitch a ride to Boston to find some peace of mind because this is more than a feeling, I need your love.  I’m half way there Bon Jovi, living on a prayer. Mr. Jones and me just keep counting crows. Love bites, so pour some sugar on me. Layla needs to lay off the cocaine because tonight is wonderful. I was right here waiting when I stepped in a puddle of mud and staind my shoes. You can’t always get what you want, but just start me up, I’ll never stop. Oh, sweet child of mine just have a little patience. R.E.M, I think I’m losing my religion. I was in America when I saw the sandman and went searching for some muskrat love. Damn Kody, it’s 3 A.m and I can’t find my match box of twenty. You oughta know that it’s ironic. I found a jewel, I guess it was my intuition. It’s an ordinary world but I’m hungry like the wolf so save your prayer when you go to Rio. Peter, I’m breaking all the rules, so don’t fade away because baby, I love your way.


About mollyellarae12

What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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  1. I hope everyone reads this and sings ❤ This is Rachel. Sorry I forgot to not hack your computer. 🙂

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