Were all sinners. Sin is sin. All sin is equal. I know that sounds preposterous. But, it is. We usually consider murdering someone worse than cussing. That’s what society has planted into all of our heads. I’m not saying it’s right to kill someone. Because, it’s not. But, cussing isn’t necessarily right either. It’s kind of one of those things that are based on your own morals. I don’t kill. I do cuss. But, when you think about it. They are both equivalent of one another. We are sinners. Point blank. We aren’t programmed to sin. But, regardless we are doing to do it. It’s in our nature. Especially, in this generation. I’m guilty of having that mindset that killing is a worse sin than lying or cussing. I think most of us are. But, sin is sin. Whatever it may be. That’s just something that was on my mind.




About mollyellarae12

What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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