12/16/10 It’s times like these..

It’s times like these when I start thinking about the things that are really important. Family. I can not stand to see kids running down their family and acting like it’s such a big nuisance to spend a little time with them. Come on. It is the holidays. Besides, it is essential to spend time with your family in general when you get the chance to. Our days are numbered. I love my friends, do not get me wrong. But, my family comes first and forth most. They are the ones who have always been here and will continue to do so. I owe them that much.

Look around. Is everyone lucky enough to have a family? No. Like. It’s selfish to say things like “Uh, I have to go see my grandma but I rather be hanging with so and so.” I hear people saying shit like that all the time. It makes me sick. Be grateful for what you have and show some compassion. You seriously have no idea how precious our families are. They are the ones who are there from the beginning to the end. Most friends aren’t. Friends come and go. But, family remain as one. Sure, I get mad at my family and sometimes they can be annoying. But, I love them. And times like these.. The Holidays.. Are when I realize how fortunate I am to have what I have. It makes me so disgusted with myself that I sometimes complain about pitiful things that I should be taking in to consideration. But, I am only human.

Don’t ever hesitate to tell your loved ones that you love and care about them. You just never know what is to happen. I lost my Great Grandpa in 2009. It literally broke my heart. Then, the next year that followed I was getting ready for school one morning and heard news that my cousin Christina was killed in a car accident. I was numb. I didn’t think I was able to cry or anything. I miss them both with everything in me. & I wish that they were here to join me for The Holidays. It’s just not the same. Ever since I lost the both of them.. I guess you can say I haven’t been the same. I started to gradually develop a new attitude and perspective about everything. I have my share of mistakes. But, I am definitely more thankful for my possessions, family/friends, then I ever was before. Sometimes, it takes tragedy to make you a better person. I used to be an extremely bitter, selfish, cynical, person. I still have all of those traits. But, I am progressing day by day. I just feel compelled to show the ones around me that I love them. It’s the least that I could do.


About mollyellarae12

What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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  1. My favorite post by you so far. =)

    I definitely agree. After losing my cousin as well, my eyes were definitely opened to how little time we have in this life and how it can be taken from us at the drop of a hat.
    This time of year makes me love my family even more than I already do. People need to realize how important their relationship with their family is, and not worry about what everyone else thinks. With your family at your back, no one can stop you. ❤

  2. So so so true.
    I’m glad you agree. (: ❤

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