So, is it that hard to find a legit guy? I remain single most of the time. I haven’t had a boyfriend in like.. Damn. A long time. Because, I’m so picky. Why wouldn’t I be? I have high standards. Most people would call that being cocky. Yeah, I kind of am. I don’t like dating guys younger or right at my age. I like them mature. Intelligent for sure. Down to earth. Funny. Likes to have fun. Respectful. Definitely not a jerk. I like the guys that always open doors, do nice things just because, etc. Honest. I mean the way I see it.. If you are up front about things, I’m less likely to get mad. If you lie to me, I will get mad. Open-minded. I don’t like the judgmental type. Good taste in music and what not. Takes care of their self. Good looks are alwaysss a plus. I have extremely weird taste. I like the nerdy type. Meaning, I like them to be able to hold a conversation, to be intelligent and know what they are talking about, up to date about stuff, etc. I’m not really into the really muscular guys that are really worried about working out 24/7. Being in shape is good. But, like HUGE muscles, I don’t find attractive. Facial hair is nice. As long as it’s not too wild. I hate when guys straighten their hair. Why not just put some hair product in it, tossle it around, and just let it dry naturally. Hmm. I like them to just take of their self. Good hygiene. I understand no one is perfect but you at least need to keep up with yourself and try to have a nice image. That’s about it I guess. But, like I said. To find anyone with all of these qualities is kind of difficult.


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What might have been is an abstraction. Remaining a perpetual possibility.. Only in a world of speculation. What might have been and what has been.

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  1. Aww, and here I was about to grow my hair out and start straightening it. Only because it looks like shit, since it’s so THICK, when I don’t. Haha. XP

    You seem to know me pretty well already. =)

  2. Ah, have you figured me out already? X)

  3. *sigh*
    Well, that didn’t take long, lol.
    Did you have to go all super sleuth on me? Or do I suck at being mysterious, haha.

    • Noooo, you’re good at being mysterious. I liked it..
      The first clue.. I figured out on my own.
      I went to your facebook info. Because, I had a feeling it was you. Your Twitter name is Doranor.
      Then, of course your current profile picture gave it away. 😉

  4. Wow X)
    Didn’t even think of my twitter.
    Why did you have a feeling it was me? =)

    • ;D
      Well, at first I had no clue at all who it was.
      Then, I started thinking.. When you commented on my blogs, you always type a certain way and use certain smiley faces.
      So, I just thought I would go look on your facebook info and do a little observing. Then, I figured it out.
      But, kept going along as if I didn’t know because I liked it. ahaha. (:

  5. Well. Little creeper. =)
    And damn my proper typing and excessive need to express myself through emotes. Lol.

  6. Ahhh that’s understandable.
    That’s just fine by me. [;

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